Hello friends. To help families during this national lockdown, wise Master Owl has just recorded this special guided mindfulness meditation.

Join him for a nine minute 'Magical Mindful Moment' and feel calmer and more relaxed. All families need a helping hand at the moment, so let Master Owl guide your family back to the here and the now.


To prepare, just find a quiet and comfy space at home and begin. You can lie down, sit on the floor, sit on a chair or a sofa. Whatever feels the most comfortable.

Much love and peace.


Rob Holmes

Creator of Master Owl

“I read Master owl meets Miss Bunny with my son Jake, who is six years old. He really enjoyed it and throughout the story we kept stopping to talk about different feelings, which is not something he finds easy to do. He could relate to Miss Bunny’s feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. He really liked the idea of stopping and breathing in and out slowly.  


As I was reading it to him, he started practising it. He said that he could do it if he had a grumpy moment with his sister, for example. When we finished the book, he asked me to photocopy the four-step guide at the back to put in each room of our house so we could all do with a ‘Magical Mindful Moment’ together if things got a bit too much. When we did this together, he said he was very calm and relaxed. Fantastic. Absolutely love it. These skills will help all children and carry on throughout life and the book introduces it in such a child friendly way. Amazing! 


Thank you so much, it was quite enlightening as a parent to see how much both children, individually, reacted to the story, it was heart-warming. Keep writing! You have a gift. Thanks again, Michelle, Devon.”

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