Rob Holmes had a vision for Master Owl after having an unexpected spiritual awakening in 2011.


It was the 20 seconds that changed his life.


As a result of his awakening, he sold his successful baby sleeping products company ‘The Gro Company’ in 2013, which he co-founded in 2000 with his wife.    


Apart from being a parent of four children, Rob runs a blog from his website, writes and sells children’s books and is planning to open a spiritual retreat centre in 2022 on land in Devon, UK. 

After the start of his spiritual awakening in 2011, Rob found himself remembering his connection with spirit and started writing children’s books with spiritual messages woven into the stories. His first book 'The Little Drop of Water' is available from Amazon UK and US, as well as 'Master Owl meets Miss Bunny'.

Click here to hear Rob reading the Little Drop of Water story. 

Rob is on a mission to help parents to be more conscious and help raise their children in a more enlightened way. 

This is a recent letter from a parent that reminds Rob of why he writes!

To help make Master Owl a household name around the world, helping teach mindfulness and wisdom to children and their parents.

To have a wide range of books, an animated TV series, a website, Ipad and Android apps and to build a community supporting parents wanting to bring up their children more consciously.


To have Master Owl teaching mindfulness to children, via books and plush toys. 

Children are our future and if they learn to be more mindful and absorb wisdom at a young age, as adults they can help transform our planet. 

Rob is currently looking for the right publishing partner to help him have the maximum reach for his books worldwide. If you are a publisher, literary agent or you can recommend someone, please get in touch. The Universe connects us all up. 



February 2021.  Listen to Rob Holmes being interviewed by the Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Kate Delaney, for her show 'America Tonight'. Rob talks about his two books 'The Little Drop of Water' and 'Master Owl Meets Miss Bunny' and explains how they came into being. 

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